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About Us

SRZ believes that by fulfilling its responsibility to the public through the provision of high-quality homes and services at reasonable prices, it shall be able to contribute to the well being and happiness of the society throughout the country.

SETIA RZ DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD (SRZ) incorporated in 2003 aiming of participating in the country's housing and property development industry with the primary goals of contributing to the social and economic well-being of the society. The two most important components of the company are property development and property investment.

Homes are one of the basic necessities to every human being and such as, SRZwith the help of modern technologies tools and professionals of various disciplines rise to undertake the challenge of designing, developing and building houses to the preferences and affordability of the society without losing the qualities of durability and comfort.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the creation of total environment satisfying the various aspects of social, economic and aesthetic consideration. We emphasize strong demand on work deliverable for continuous achievements.